Fennel Seeds

Fennel Seeds

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Schwartz Fennel Seed is picked with care. Packed with flavour.

Our sustainable process begins right at the source
Schwartz work directly with local farmers across over 40 countries to ensure our ingredients are of the highest quality. Carefully selecting the best spots to grow our herbs and spices around the world allows us to guarantee intense flavours, vibrant colours and powerful aromas.

We don't rush the process
We wait for the right time when our ingredients are at their peak flavour. We then choose the best crop and carefully harvest, dry and pack each herb and spice.

The result?
Herbs that are bursting with incredible flavour for tasty, home-cooked meals in no time.

This warm, sweet and anise-like spice is a go-to essential for unlocking the rich flavours of European, Middle Eastern, Indian and Chinese classics.
Schwartz Fennel Seed is perfect for meat, fish and vegetable dishes, including curries, stews and soups, as well as for breads, cakes and other desserts.